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I am Felix, from Kerala🌴 a.k.a God's Own Country in India.

I deeply love running growth and marketing experiments with various software products.

I have a decent background in shipping category products, going viral, product marketing and building acquisition channels that coverts well in the short and long-term.

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Some Impactful Results:

Ranked 'pwa examples', #1 result for Appmaker.xyz page in Search snippet with 40,000+ monthly vol.

Ranked 'woocommerce app' (B2B SaaS Product) #1 results for Appmaker.xyz in Google and Youtube; Leads Generation brought in over $100k+ in sales.

Launched PWA2APK(One-Time Purchase Product), Became featured on XDA Developers, Android Authority and various tech publications.

Launched and grown Web2Desk (Freemium & Business SaaS Apps) to 50,000+ apps and branded keyword with over 2000 organic monthly searches.

Grown EdTech Mobile App, Benchmark KTU from 0 to 10,000+ install conversions in 45 days with Zero dollars spent.

Executed growth funnel that grown Shopper.com(Consumer Tech B2C, Chrome Extension) from just 12,000+ to 30,000+ conversions in just 4 months using Ads & Influencer marketing.

Made $100,000+ using **buymeacoffee.com(YC W19)**, getting to know ins and outs of platforms from creator pov and getting better context of gratitude passion economy.[Case Study]

Helped onboard 10+ creators to NFTFY(Web3 NFT marketplace) and generated volume of 4ETH